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What is Managed Cloud? Let’s make it effortless!

What is Managed Cloud?


So what is managed cloud? Well ‘Managed Cloud’ is the name of a service offered many companies, which allows businesses to utilise cloud computing without gaining the knowledge needed to maintain the infrastructure and becoming an expert in cloud computing. Spending hundreds of thousands on servers, hard drives and data centres, and tediously training staff to understand the complexity of the setup, only to find it takes over your staff’s entire day! Or… utilise Millennia Managed Cloud and get back to your core business.

If you need the servers and the services, and are unsure where to look or even what your option are have a look at these two options. You may find out your only option is a managed cloud.

Option 1

Train pre-existing staff, taking these staff away from their current responsibilities… expensive courses and accreditations, or hire additional staff with these tools already. The staff members (remember people need holidays, and large infrastructures cannot be managed by one person) will need to be very well trained in managing and maintaining the complex cloud infrastructure, oh the infrastructure… yes that very expensive equipment will need purchasing, and installing in a Data centre, which could be hours away.


Option 2

Utilise Millennia Cloud! This would allow the companies to focus on their core business, keep staff members doing their jobs, and keep the initial costs to a minimum, only paying for what they need! Gain very experienced staff, happy to help and keep things running perfectly so you don’t even notice they are there… until you need help with something, more memory, more disk space… log a support ticket and have the experts sort this out for you. Still thinking ‘What is Managed Cloud?’…. OK


What is Managed Cloud?


The best way to think about ‘What is Managed Cloud?’ is by understanding the benefits of Millennia Managed Cloud and comparing them with the prospect of doing them yourself. The wasted time, the additional costs, and the worry about it failing when you need it the most! Let us worry about that, we are dedicated to keeping you running as smoothly as possible, whilst keeping the cost to your budget.

  1. Predicable pricing, develop a pricing plan with us to always stay on budget!
  2. Future proof environment, don’t worry about your hardware getting old and out of support
  3. Infrastructure support, need a multi network environment with a LAN and DMZ?
  4. Cybersecurity, DDos protection and enterprise grade firewall keeping you safe and online
  5. Disaster Recovery, better being safe than offline? We have a dedicated DR platform, just in case!
  6. Easy backups and replication, scheduled backups and storage taking the burden away from you
  7. Faster response times, with our effective monitoring. We may even log the support ticket for you
  8. One stop shop, lots of mixed providers can often be messy and confusing, let us manage that so you can concentrate on core business.
  9. Managed emails
  10. Friendly, helpful and expert support engineers


Final Thought

Millennia Cloud managed service can become a critical business partner while reducing costly overheads, manage things you may take for granted like your data centre, and can support complex frameworks like  hybrid cloud environment.

Also, we pride ourself on our customer service, our business depends on keeping you and your clients satisfied. Professional services, managed infrastructure and application development. Don’t forget about the ability to help you with tasks such as data backup. So hopefully I have answered the question ‘What is Managed Cloud?’ and also introduced you to Millennia Managed Cloud Services, still confused? We would love the opportunity to explain what it is and why it would be perfect for you! Interested in Millennia Cloud services? Come and have a chat, see what we can do for you!