Nutanix, Dell, VMware – it’s all go in a converged world

What to look for when considering a cloud provider

First of all an update to my blog from yesterday: I am very grateful for an almost immediate reach out from , CEO at Nutanix, and a subsequent 20 minute phone call to discuss the concerns I had raised. This only goes to show what a different breed Nutanix is as an organisation from anything I have come across before in that this kind of engagement is even possible, let alone natural; although I can’t help thinking that my ability to get this kind of visibility with a nine figure run rate company only has a limited life time – at least until I’ve developed my own million dollar run rate with Nutanix solutions.

Think I just heard an Amen from their SVP of Sales there 😉

In the interest of balance I’d like to direct readers to two pertinent blog entries, one from Dheeraj, and the other from Steve Kaplan, their head of channel. There are strong points in there based on experience, and while I’ll still be cautious until I see what develops it is time to move on and concentrate on the good as there is much work to do.

One of the points Dheeraj made, both to me and in the blog, was basically a refutation of my assumption they were moving to a software plus hardware HCL type model, which is interesting. All the more so because of this announcement the same day from VMware, in which the HCL model is obviously pushed forward very strongly.

I have made a strong presentation in the past about the pain points I have suffered building my own solutions, even with HCL stated parts, and although there are many many people out there that want to do just that, in the Enterprise space I work in many just want to get a working trouble free solution in and running and get on with their jobs. This is why NetApp and EMC, despite their price points, have so much of the storage market.

I am in no way invalidating the VSAN product, it will have high traction in the SME space I feel, but for me and for a lot of other busy people the appliance approach to converged, web-scale, IT infrastructure has a lot going for it, and sometimes that convenience is worth paying for.

I run an Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution, and in Nutanix I see an IaaS supplier – helping me move on and tackle the configuration of VMware / Hyper-V / Citrix, etc. without having to worry about whether I’ve bolted my infrastructure together properly, and when I want to scale I don’t need to do anything but decide how many nodes it will be by.

The are great things ahead in this IT development, and in the Dell deal I think Nutanix may have just fired their second stage rockets – destination Moon.